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Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes


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Dry Eyes

‘Dry eye’ describes the signs and symptoms associated with inadequate spreading of a tear over the ocular surface. The tear is constructed with water, mucus, and oil dispensed from the eyelid margin. Symptoms of dry eye range from true dryness, grittiness, sandiness, burning, blurry vision. When the health tear is inadequate, a secondary tear emerges, whereby water seems to run down the cheek for no reason.

Part of the comprehensive eye exam at Temecula Eye Center focuses on tear health. 
Dr P takes extra steps to assess and plan a course to ensure your eyes feel and see their best.
Temecula Eye Center is proud to offer a unique collection of dry eye products developed by Optase.
We are also proud to offer Tear Care lid treatment, a 30 minute service that deep cleans clogged oil glands, resulting in wonderful relief for chronic dry eye discomfort. 
We look forward to telling you more about our elevated dry eye services!


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